Rangkhamhin homestay,hostel Bangkok

"Awesome place to stay! very friendly staff! Best flat white with soy milk in town! Many thank!"





"...I was excited to come back to the Friendly, warm, Family feel of this guest house."

Gregg Lowe

British Actor

Rangkhamhin homestay,hostel Bangkok

"Bangkok is an amazing and busy city where there are a lot of things to do and see! With Rang Kha Mhin Home Stay we had a perfect base for exploring the city, and our 5 days here went by so fast. We have seen fantastic temples, the big standing Budha(Big!), went on an exciting bicycle trip, taking cooking classes, had Thai massage, manicure and pedicure, shopping at Siam Center and had a drink at the state Tower Sky bar with an incredible view!

We give the city and this Home Stay our warmest recommendation!


Ida & Mathias



I've stayed in alot of guesthouses and Hostels but Rang Kha Mhin is def one of the most comfortable and Clean places i"ve been in.


                                                           From  Columbia

Rangkhamhin homestay,hostel Bangkok

"Rang kha Mhin is a real gem in the chaos that is khao san.Very peaceful atmosphere, Lovely host, and the most amazing eggy in the basket! We highly recommend it.

Norma, Puerto Rico
Lynda, Oregon, USA
Mark, California, USA














Rangkhamhin homestay,hostel Bangkok
Rangkhamhin homestay,hostel Bangkok

"You have a great guesthouse by the way! I enjoyed my stay very much!!!"


Elly Gts,Belgium

"The nice atmosphere makes you feel a moment of peace in big chaotic Bangkok.
Rooms are clean with lovely smelling bed sheets ha ha,wake up and have a healthy muesli yogurt or treat yourself with the very chocolate cheesecake.

Rose and Effe/Nertherland 

Rangkhamhin homestay,hostel Bangkok

I had a very good stay at Rang kha mhin, beds were nice, room was airconditioned and clean. And besides the rooms the food and the drinks you can buy there are even better! You don't have to look for restaurants any more, because the food and the drinks you will get in Rang Kha Mhin is the best!


Boris RamLER, 18 years old.The Netherlands, Amsterdam


Very friendly people, good and cheap food, everything is clean, for backpacker it's one of the best places to stay in Bangkok. I will come back here !!! you also have good Wi-Fi and air-condition. In two words :perfect place!


Matthys de woalHolland, Amsterdam


Rangkhamhin homestay,hostel Bangkok
Rangkhamhin homestay,hostel Bangkok
Rangkhamhin homestay,hostel Bangkok

My friend Yihui and I see Rang Kha Mhin as the

cornorstore of our trip.We spent the first night in Bangkok here and three weeks later this was our home befor we flew back to Canada.


 Our experience in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia have brought us closer together and have extended our friendship over seas. We will never forget this beautiful country, From the culture, the food and the people, Thailand will always be apart of us. We're sorry to go but will be back!

We love Thailand.
Thank you for making our stay pleasant!
Cat + Yihui 
Toronto, Canada























































Rangkhamhin homestay,hostel Bangkok
Rangkhamhin homestay,hostel Bangkok
Rangkhamhin homestay,hostel Bangkok

Hi guys!!
I highly can recommend this hostel. So many great experiences I connect with this place. I stayed 3 times there!!
Check it cut!!
























Dear fellow Traveler
If you are a budget traveler visiting Bangkok, Rang Kha Mhin is the place to be. Extremely friendly people, great food and clean locals.It's close to Khao San Rd,and have dorms, with make it a great place to meet other travelers.
While you are there, try the mango/yogurt smoothie, Olala
4.5/5 (0.5 to make it legit)
"Have fun in Bangkok, have fun in Rang Kha Mhin"


Andy from Norway(20)























Rangkhamhin homestay,hostel Bangkok



Rangkhamhin homestay,hostel Bangkok

Lional,Paris France


by Rang Kha Mhin Homestay 28,30 Tani Road Talad Yod Phanakhon Bangkok 10200Tel.+66-635-978-550  


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